Have you ever heard of an anime called “OSHI NO KO【推しの子】”?

Oshi-katsu” or “Oshi” is a unique word derived from Japanese subculture.

Have you ever heard of an anime called “OSHI NO KO【推しの子】”?

This PV is the opening song of a Japanese anime. It was released on 13/04/2023 and has been viewed more than 200 million times.Some people may have learnt the word “Oshi” (推し) from this anime.


First, an “Oshi” (推し)is a person or thing that one particularly likes and wants to support, be it a particular artist, idol, band, character, or other object. This can refer, generally speaking, to something or someone that one most supports or likes the most. For example, it can refer to the favorite member of a certain music group, or to a YouTuber, VTuber, movie, manga, anime, or other character.

Next, “Oshi-katsu” (推し活) refers to the activity of supporting a favorite artist. This refers to the active support of a person or group of people by purchasing their favorite artist’s music, going to concerts, supporting them on social networking sites, and so on. It also includes collecting goods, interacting with other fans who share the same “Oshi,” and actively gathering information about the “Oshi”.

All of these “Oshi-katsu” have one thing in common. They all have one thing in common: they all want to make “Oshi” happy!