And you’re having fun with that product development?

You say you are making a product that helps society or someone else. That’s great.

You probably got there through a lot of study and hard work. Maybe it is a skill you acquired by spending your youth there. It may have been something he learnt while he was having fun. Either way, you must have great abilities and a great mindset.

And what is the outcome of the product you are involved with? Have you changed someone’s attitude to life? Have you made everyday life more enjoyable? Yes.” That’s a great answer.

Or maybe this is something you don’t want to think about, but is it a building block?

I would ask the same question again. It’s about the outcomes of your product. Is it about getting in the way of users achieving their tasks? Is it about creating a place that you can’t show off to primary school children? Is it to promote user complexes? No, right? That’s a great answer.

I ask the question again. It’s about the outcome of your product. Is it to create adverts in the world that interfere with the user’s task accomplishment? Is it to create an obscene and violent advertising place that cannot be shown to schoolchildren? Is it to increase the endless complex swamp, appearance, money and sex problems? Does your product contribute to this?

I have children. When my partner was in hospital for a birth difference and suffering from dystocia, I did a lot of searching about childbirth. As a result, I started to see lots of cartoon adverts about stillbirths and adverts about baby hate. These are adverts for famous manga and web services in Japan. I was curious about them, so I looked at them. I felt very bad about it. I blocked all of them.

Summary. I used the product to solve my problem. As a result, I have succeeded in contributing to the problem. I graduated from using those services and started to worry more. Successfully the product succeeded in changing my attitude. The outcomes of that product are excellent. Because the attitude change of the user is the most wonderful thing about the product.

I also ask the question. I am sorry I have done this so many times. The outcome of the product you are involved in is, not to hinder users from accomplishing their tasks? Is it to create obscene and violent advertising places that cannot be shown to schoolchildren? Is it to increase the never-ending complex swamp of appearance, money and sex problems?

What is the ‘real’ outcome of your product?

I am not able to put myself into practice on the questions I have mentioned. But I think of it this way. I don’t want to think that at that moment when I eventually end my life, I will think that I lived my life to contribute to other people’s complexes.

Finally, a simple question.

Are you enjoying that product development?