I write about today.


Today school foods is made by many scallops!

Almost dishes is made by scallops. I really like scallops, so I'm very happy!

However, who give out scallops rice mistook, scallops rice was not enough when lunch duty giving rice.

So my teacher said that please give your scallops rice. If always, some classmates give duty because everyone is kind, but today dish is scallops. Some classmates like scallops rice, so classmates didn't give their rice.

Our teacher said many times. Classroom atmosphere was getting bad... I gived my rice. I was hating giving my rice....


In our class, if any dishes was surplus, who wants to dishes does Rock, paper, scissors.

I was feeling bad because I gived rices, so I tried this fight.

Today, fried scallops and Grilled scallops with butter and soy sauce was surplus.

I tried both dishes. I won both!

I was very very happy!

Decided school trip room members

We Decided school trip members.

Our teacher said that if you can't decide in 20 minutes, class reps and group leaders will decide.

I'm boy, we can't decide when it took 15 minutes.

I talk group leader that I hope over time because if class reps and group leaders decide, we can decide early, and groups will be good balance.

However, it wasn't over times.

Eiken pre-2 grade

I tried Eiken pre-2 grade today.

I think it is easy before open question books because 3 grade is very easy. Almost my friends think so.

But, it is not easy. It is very very very very difficult for me.

Especially, listeing is very hard.

I played pre-test in school, the result is that if listening score up, you will pass pre-2 grade, so I especially study listening.

I didn't understand what speaker talking. It sounds alien languages.

I learned thinking easy is dangerous.