Inspired by Deno and built on top of Iodine, this is a Ruby web framework that is based on the following design principles:

  • Rails compatible API - Rails' API is clean, straightforward, and simply makes sense. It was one of the reasons why Rails was so successful in the past.

  • High performance - some think performance is not a major metric for a framework, but it's not true. Poor performance is a risk, and in today's world, companies refuse to use risky technologies.

  • API-only - the only technology we should be using to create web UI is JavaScript. Using native technologies is always the most flexible, scalable, and simple solution in the long run. Check out Vite if you don't know where to start.

  • Acceptance of modern Ruby - the framework includes a fiber scheduler, which means your code never blocks while waiting on IO.


fiber, scheduler。Reactと少しワードチョイスが似てる。